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Burnout: How to strengthen your resources

Burnout is a state of complete physical and mental exhaustion due to ongoing stress. This can be caused by work overload, time pressure, family commitments or a lack of personal boundaries. Usually, burnout is preceded by a phase of motivation and activism. This can cause you to reach your limit while ignoring your personal needs. At some point the level of exhaustion will be so high that a break or holiday won’t be enough.

But not everybody is equally susceptible to burnout! Having access to your own strength and resources is an important factor. These could be outer resources like people, animals or nature as well as inner resources like images, a good grounding or a zest for life. It is important to ask yourself: What is good for me? When do I feel relaxed and recharged? Everything can be a resource if it strengthens you!

If you suffer from ongoing stress, it is especially important to cultivate and strengthen your resources. It will prevent you from getting burnt out!

I use the following technique to strengthen the resources during my bodywork sessions. You can easily try it out at home.

Technique to strengten your resources

Lie on your back in a comfortable position and concentrate on your body. Which parts of your body feel good? Where can you feel your body touching the ground? Where do you feel carried? This could be your legs, your arms, your back or your head. Concentrate on this contact with the ground. How does it feel?

Then focus on a part of your body that is causing you pain or feels tense. How does it feel? If you start feeling uncomfortable, take your attention back to the body part that feels well connected to the ground. Repeat going back and forth a few times. By concentrating on pleasant sensations in the body, you automatically strengthen your resources.


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