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Shiatsu for babies

I love working with babies! There are a few very simple exercises that I teach to parents to do at home. Shiatsu can be really helpful to support babies in their development. For example if your baby needs some support to learn how to turn over, there are specific meridians you can work with to encourage this development.

Most babies really enjoy it because they love being touched and it's a very gentle method.

Shiatsu creates a feeling of security and strengthens the bond between parent and child. You are directly responding to their needs as they go through different stages and therefore are supporting their development. Shiatsu also helps babies to develop a better sense of their bodies and to respond to stimuli. A lot of babies are overstimulated so Shiatsu can be good for down-time where it's just about the touch.

The first set of exercises I teach to parents is about finding your own centre and becoming aware of your boundaries. Here is an example for a small treatment sequence:

Have your baby lying on its back, either on your lap or on a blanket. Get in contact with your baby by putting your hands on both sides under the clavicle bones. Say hello and look at your baby.

The whole area around the clavicle bones can be gently stimulated if there are any kind of breathing difficulties or coughing.

Then take your baby's shoulder with both hands (make sure it's relaxed and doesn't pull up the shoulders!) and move down the front of both arms with your hands until you reach the thumbs by applying gentle pressure. Repeat a few times. This helps your baby to find its middle and has a calming effect.

Don't do these exercises if your baby is out of sorts or not interested. Some babies love shiatsu in the evening before they go to bed, others prefer different times of the day. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or want to learn more.


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